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Live independently, safely, and confidently in your own home with peace of mind, made possible by the Help Me Call ltd. medical alarm and medical alert button. (PERS-2400A Console & Transmitter)
Get Started Today: Help Me Call ltd. is dedicated in helping to create the best lifestyle and living environment possible for yourself and your loved ones.

Our quality UL Listed Emergency Alert Reporting System (E.A.R.S.) is made by Linear, the company that invented the personal emergency transmitter and is a leading manufacturer of emergency reporting systems, home security systems, and garage door opener remote controls.Our affordable easy-to-use system and monitoring plan will allow you the freedom and independence that sometimes is not possible for seniors with medical conditions or physical challenges.

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The PERS-2400A system is affordable and sets up easily. All you need is a phone jack and a typical AC outlet. You can have the freedom and security you seek for yourself or your loved one in just minutes after receiving your system. Our 24-hour highly trained monitoring staff is ready to respond the instant of receiving an emergency call for help.
Comfortable and Smart: The easy to wear transmitter buttons are light-weight, water-proof, and have a range of up to 400 feet. You can wear the buttons on your wrist, on your belt, or as a pendant around your neck. The E.A.R.S. controller listens for any call for help when the transmitter button is pushed. The transmitter button last for up to 4 years and the controller will alert you if the battery becomes low. In the event of a power failure, the E.A.R.S. controller has a back-up battery life of up to 32 hours.
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