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How Does The System Work?
The PERS-2400A (Personal Emergency Reporting System) connects to your home telephone line and automatically places a call for help whenever you need assistance, any time of the day or night. Family, neighbors, and local paramedics whom you pre-designate are notified right away, so they can respond to your distress call the way you would like them to. You keep a wireless transmitter with you at all times. In the event of an at-home emergency you press the alarm button to signal the console to automatically call the Emergency Monitoring Center, staffed by trained professionals 24 hours a day. When one of these operators receives your call, he or she notifies the key people whom you pre-selected to respond: family members, neighbors, friends, or rescue personnel. The console features two-way voice communication. This means in the event of an emergency situation, the console will work as a speaker phone, enabling you to speak directly with the monitoring professional until help arrives. Review the PERS-2400A Instruction booklet. - click here for information

How close to the console do I need to be in order to be heard?
The system we use is very unique, it is actually an acoustical computer. In the average home we can usually speak with you regardless of what room of the house you are in. However, please understand that we have had people in the very room where the system is located who were unable to speak with us. Perhaps because of a heart attack, stroke, or choking on something. In that case, we would immediately dispatch local paramedics to your house.
What happens if I cannot talk or respond to you after I press my pendant?
If we are unable to speak with you, we would immediately call paramedics and dispatch rescue to your house.
What if the user of the alarm is hearing impaired?
The system we use is very unique, it is actually a powerful acoustical computer that is specifically designed for hearing impaired. In the average home we can usually speak with you regardless of what room of the house you are in. However, please understand that we have had people in the very room where the system is located who were unable to speak with us. Perhaps because of a heart attack, stroke, or choking on something. In that case, we would immediately dispatch local paramedics to your house.
Is your service covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance companies?
If you have claim or a prescription for a medical alarm payment must be arranged between the two of you. It is usually done on a reimbursement type basis.

Must I sign a long term agreement? - NO

Can I take the system with me if I move?
Yes, simply give us 72 hours prior written notice so that we can update your file with the new address and telephone number.
Does the system work outside?
Yes. If you should have a problem outside the house, anywhere within 2 to 300ft from the house, the system will still work. However, we are not going to be able to speak with you because you are outside, but we will know you are in trouble and we will dispatch paramedic rescue to your house. PLEASE NOTE: If you live in an apartment or condo, the range changes because apartment construction normally blocks the signal from outside, so as an example in large apartment buildings in Los Angeles the system will work only inside the home. Yet in other apartments, condo's, and town homes it can work just like in a single family home. You can test your range so you know your coverage area.
I have a rotary phone line, will that affect the system?
Not at all. Our system will work with either a rotary/pulse or tone phone line.
Who responds to my call for help?
A friendly operator at our Monitoring Center will come on through the voice console and speak with you. If rescue is needed we will call your local fire department and dispatch rescue.
What happens if my electricity goes out?
The system has a battery back-up that will operate the unit for up to 18 hours after an electrical outage. When power is restored the battery recharges, so it is ready for any additional power outage.
How will the paramedics get into my home?
Should we have to call paramedics, we would immediately call any friends/neighbors/family members on your contact list that have a key to your home and live close enough to meet rescue and open the door. You can also hide a key outside or we have a realtors type lock box available where you can place a hidden key and we will give the combination to rescue at the time of the emergency. This can assist rescue in gaining entry without cracking a window or jimmying a lock on the door.
I live in a rural area, can I still be covered?
We are a national company and you can have your service ANYWHERE in the United States.
What happens if I accidentally set off my alarm?
If you should ever accidentally set off your alarm that's ok, just tell the operator who comes on the voice unit that you accidentally pressed the button. They will then disconnect and no further action would be taken. We are there 24 hours a day and are happy to assist you.
How big is the pendant and console?
The console is about the size of your average telephone and sits easily on any table. The pendant is very lightweight, less than an ounce and not cumbersome in any way.
Click here to see the pendant
Is the pendant difficult to push?
The pendant is designed to be pressed firmly in order to prevent accidental activations, however there is no need to put a lot of strength behind it.

How do I plug it in? Will I lose my telephone jack?
You just simply plug the system in just like you would a table lamp. You would also snap it into a telephone jack and whatever is in that phone jack now, you simply click into the back of our alarm unit. See PERS-KIT INSTALLATION & TESTING INSTRUCTIONS page, located in the
PERS-2400A booklet. - click here for information

Do I need a special phone jack in order to have your system?
No special type of jack is required in order for our alarm to work. However you will need a regular modular phone jack to plug your alarm into. It will work off your existing modular phone jack and will not affect your phone or any other item plugged into the jack.

How do I receive the alarm? We send the system to you United Parcel Service (UPS). You would receive the system two to four business days after you ordered it. If you need it the very next day, that can be arranged as long as we receive the request before 1:00 pm EST M-F.

If something should ever go wrong with my alarm, how do I get it fixed?
If this should happen, simply e-mail us at service@helpmecall.com or call our toll free number (1-800-933-6810) and we will attempt to troubleshoot the problem with you over the phone. If for some reason, we cannot resolve the problem over the phone, we will send you replacement parts immediately. Mailing address: Help Me Call ltd. / PO Box 14047 / Columbus, OH 43214.

How long does it take to get a response after I press my pendant?
About 45 seconds later, our central station will begin to have a two way conversation with you.

Can I update and change information after I set up the system?
Of course! Just go to our Contact Us page and e-mail us at billing@helpmecall.com or give us a call letting us know what you wish to change.

Do you have any other payment options after the initial credit card charge?
Yes. If you so choose we can continue to charge your credit card or set up an automatic debit from your checking account (via debit card). Also we can e-mail or mail you a yearly invoice and you can get 1-month free monitoring by paying for the year of service in advance. You decide.

I want this for my mom AND dad, do I have to pay two monitoring fees?
No, the monitoring fee remains $18.95/month. An extra pendant cost $38.95.

I'm ordering this alarm for my parents, but I want to be the one billed for it. Is this possible?
Yes of course. Simply give us your billing instructions on the Purchase page, in the Purchaser Information area and we would be happy to bill you instead of the person using the alarm.
Can the bill be sent to an address other than where the system will be used?
Yes, of course. Simply give us your billing instructions and we'll be happy to bill appropriately.
Can I use this system with DSL or VOIP?
Please be advised that no medical alarm system, including ours, will safely work with Voice Over IP (telephone service through your internet provider) or DSL (High speed internet through your phone). If you are currently using either of these technologies this system may not send a signal to our monitoring center when needed. In order to use this system you will need to have a good old regular phone line installed that bypasses these internet based phone technologies.


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